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The Yoga Co-op grew out of a dream, imagining a studio where independent teachers could come together, share a space, offer wonderful classes, and retain autonomy over their fees, schedules, offerings, and class contents. In early 2018, our original small group of teachers moved in to our first space and began reveling in the freedom teaching what we each really love and the joy of seeing our colleagues live in to their classes. During the early days of the pandemic, we saw so many studios close, so many teachers lose their spaces, and so many folks fall out of their movement practices. As Covid-reality progressed and our original cohort of teachers changed, we began to see the potential for our little project to open up wider and give movement professionals navigating this new landscape a place to start fresh and dig in to what they love to share. Now, our space is becoming home to teachers of a variety of forms, offering private and public lessons, as well as creatives seeking space to practice, rehearse, and make work, and individuals seeking a quiet, private place to move. Check out our list of public classes, explore our teacher bios to find just the practitioner for you, or look at the specs our space, it might just be your creative home!

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The Yoga Co-op contains two beautiful movement spaces, a large main room and a smaller more private back studio, as well as a well stocked prop room. The spaces are available for rent on a durational basis for weekly classes, consistent private lessons, rehearsals and the like, or on an incidental basis for one-time events, workshops, and similar happenings. For details about rental rates, scheduling availability, commitment requirements, contact us below!

Front Room - 38.5 ft. x 16.5 ft.

Back Room - 16 ft. x 14.5 ft.

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