Yoga Teacher

RYT 200, LMT-9292

Somatonaut, LLC

A life-long mover/dancer/improvisor, 10 years a dance teacher, and more recently a bodyworker and somatic practitioner, Miles’s interest in the human body, its capacity for movement, its incredible design, and its astounding ability to change was seeded in early dance classes, nurtured through chronic injury and recovery process, and continues to grow through as many movement experiences as Miles can find to explore. Nearly a decade after a first taste of yoga asana in their early teens, Miles became fascinated by the precision, specificity, and compelling psycho/physical effects of the postures. In a desire to further investigate the foundations and outcomes of asana practice, Miles took a 200hr training in 2017, and began teaching asana in January 2018. Miles’s classes weave together somatic inquiry and movement exploration with simple asanas to support each student in finding easeful, stable expressions of the postures and a fuller feeling of embodiment.

Ever curious to learn more about the physical experience of being human, Miles is currently studying the developmental movement curriculum of Body-Mind Centering, with the intent of becoming an Infant Developmental Movement Educator.

Miles is available for private lessons by appointment.

Miles is genderqueer, and uses non-binary pronouns such as they/them.