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Teachers at The Yoga Co-op are independent business owners who create and manage their own classes.
Reach out to them directly for more information about their weekly offerings or private lessons!


Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher

Owner of Define by Design, Inc.

Co-op Manager

Weekly classes: Vinyasa Flow, Rock Steady

Offers private lessons!

Frank is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Rock Steady Boxing Coach. He has over 25 years of experience working

in New Mexico. While training for triathlons Frank practiced Hatha Yoga and used Hot Yoga as a modality of restoration. Frank’s passion lies in helping his clients find their potential. He encourages awareness and alignment of mind, body, and breath. He aides his students in overcoming mental and/or physical blocks that may prevent development in balance and function through promoting movement and stability. Whether it’s a private one on one lesson or a group class Frank takes an individualistic approach with his session students and designs each class and with specific needs and goals in mind.

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500hr Yoga teacher 

Co-op manager

Weekly Classes: Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Restorative

Offers private lessons!

Carrie Terrell has been practicing yoga since 2001. Carrie received both her 200 HR  500 HR teaching certifications from Grassroots Yoga.  She has studied with teachers In Venezuela, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, Colorado, New York, and New Mexico.  
Carrie fell in love with Yoga in Caracas, Venezuela after the birth of her first child. She initially approached Yoga was as way to get back into shape after having a baby, but she soon learned that Yoga was so much more than exercise.  “Yoga has taught me to appreciate and marvel at the power of my body and the power of my breath.” 
Carrie hopes to help her students find a place of refuge on their mats during a mindful moving meditation that is equally grounding and expansive.

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Yoga Teacher, ERYT 500

Owner of Art Heart Center Yoga

Weekly class: Yoga for EVERYbody

Offers Private Lessons

Katie began practicing yoga in 2014 as a means of body-pain management for fibromyalgia. What began as a strictly physical practice quickly progressed to a more holistic and proactive approach to managing the cumulative mind/body/spirit stresses of modern living. Katie received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2017 at Grass Roots Yoga and her 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2020 at Genesis 1 Yoga School. Katie’s teaching style is based on the philosophy that the shapes that we make with our bodies in a yoga practice should be based on a functional approach rather than an aesthetic one. In her classes, the focus is on what a shape feels like rather than what it looks like.
Katie’s Yoga for EVERYbody class is an ALL LEVELS yoga class with traditional yoga poses, energetic flows, and mindful stretching/expansion.




Movement Educator

Co-op Manager

Offers private lessons!

Miles’s interest in the human body, its capacity for movement, its incredible design, and its astounding ability to change was seeded in early dance classes, nurtured through chronic injury and recovery process, and continues to grow through as many movement experiences as Miles can find to explore. A life-long mover/dancer/improvisor, many years a movement teacher, and currently a bodyworker and somatic practitioner, Miles launched Somatonaut LLC in 2018 to bring their movement, teaching, and bodywork worlds together. Miles approaches teaching and learning from a playful, curious lens, weaving together somatic inquiry and practical movement exploration to support each student in finding ease and embodiment.

Miles offers private lessons and movement repatterning sessions, and most enjoys working with folks who are recovering from injury, investigating specific movement challenges and practice questions, or developing a movement or asana practice for the first time. If this sounds like you, contact Miles to learn more and get started!

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Teachers: Our Team
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